Unjani Clinic is an Enterprise Development initiative aimed at empowering Black Woman Professional Nurses, creating Permanent Jobs; and perfecting a Sustainable Clinic Model for providing primary healthcare. The clinics serve the “bottom of the pyramid” and under-served markets; ensuring an affordable, quality primary healthcare service and the supply of quality medicines to the people of South Africa.

The clinics are based directly in the communities ensuring that the service is delivered at the point of need. The focus is on the employed uninsured population of South Africa, this constitutes a portion of the population is able to afford to pay something towards their healthcare needs, but are unable to afford private medical aid or private GP/healthcare practitioner rates.

The AVI Community Trust has fully funded the set-up of an Unjani Clinic in Gansbaai to provide the community and surrounding areas with an affordable alternative to quality healthcare. For the employed, uninsured population of Gansbaai and the surrounding areas, the only affordable health facility is the Gansbaai Clinic. The Gansbaai Clinic needs to service the healthcare needs of approximately 8 000 to 10 000 people, which can introduce and increase challenges faced in public health facilities that cater to a large population such as long queues, staff shortages and medicine shortages.

Find out more: https://www.unjaniclinic.co.za/