AVI considers its sustainability responsibilities under the following three broad categories:


  • Ethics are at the foundation of an effective and sustainable organisation that must be able to operate without censure or compromise in the long term. Ethics are central to AVI’s culture, the behaviour of its employees and assist in establishing a willingness to accept and embrace broader issues in our society, forming the basis of AVI’s interactions with its stakeholders.

Scarce resources

  •  In order to ensure that future generations have access to the scarce resources on which AVI is reliant, and AVI’s viability is not compromised in the long term, the Group is intent on carefully managing those scarce resources relevant to its operation. In addition to managing the very specific risk relating to its hake fishing resources, AVI is committed to the application of sustainable practices across its operations.

Transformation and good corporate citizenship

  • AVI recognises the social and economic imperative to embrace and support transformation in South Africa and to be regarded as a valuable participant in the South African economy and society. AVI also recognises the need to be, and to be seen as, a good corporate citizen that is desirable to do business with.