The Rapport Onderwysfonds (ROF) is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that focuses on supporting tertiary education students with loan bursaries. Every year a portion of the interest-bearing loan may be converted, on a sliding scale, to a bursary based on academic results. In this way, the student is motivated to achieve better results with a view to a smaller amount of debt being repayable at the end of his/her term of study. The repayment to ROF by students at the end of their studies, ensures that the money remains in circulation to generate new loan bursaries for ROF students and to manage the Fund in a sustainable manner.

For the period the AVI Community Trust is supporting 25 tertiary education (B.Ed) students with loan bursaries of R30 000 each per annum to pursue a career as a teacher. The financial contribution enables the students to continue their studies without the burden of financial restraints.

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