South Africa’s favourite for over 150 years, Bakers biscuits are baked with the best ingredients and, of course, a touch of Bakers magic.

The delicious range includes all the much-loved South African favourites: Tennis, Eet-Sum-Mor, Boudoir, Blue Label Marie, Red Label Lemon Creams, Romany Creams, Strawberry Whirls, Iced Zoo, Topper and, at Christmas time, Choice Assorted.

Bakers also produces a range of delicious savoury biscuits, including Provita, Cream Crackers, Mini Cheddars, Salticrax, Crackerbread, Kips, Wheatsworth, Vitasnacks and Snacktime.

You can now add some Bakers magic to breakfast with NEW Bakers Good Morning Breakfast biscuits, an on-the-go solution to fuel your morning!