The My Maths Buddy One Book One Learner Project is an initiative by South African Mathematics Foundation to forward excellence in Maths understanding and improved results for Maths Teachers and Learners. This is done through focused workshops in which the book, My Maths Buddy, which is provided to all teachers and Learners in attendance.

My Maths Buddy is a dictionary developed to help learners and teachers to understand the Maths terminology well, together with that there is a programme called the My Maths Buddy project in schools for teachers and learners were they are taught how to use the My Maths Buddy dictionary and understand Maths concepts.

For the period the AVI Community Trust has funded the roll out of the My Maths Buddy programme in 2 schools, 1 in Tembisa  in Gauteng and 1 Bonteheuwel in the Western Cape.

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