Heart-Work’s mission is to reach prisoners who have never been exposed to personal therapy, or have never been afforded the opportunity to learn about their personal emotions in a controlled and secure environment.

The Sub-Objective of this organisation is to curb the re-admittance rate that most prisoners experience after they get released from prison. Therefore, the Heart-Work programme does not only focus on a healthier way to combat the current regressed emotions whilst the participant are incarcerated, but also with coping mechanisms and integration skills to equip them to re-join society and better chance to access economic opportunities.

The AVI Community Trust’s financial support has been towards the following centres where the programme is implemented:

  • Leeuwkop men
  • Boksburg men
  • Groenpunt men
  • Krugersdorp men
  • Zonderwater maximum centre – Men
  • Zonderwater medium centre – Men

Find out more: http://www.heartwork.org.za/